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Today, I received some furniture and I wanted to share with you some interior design ideas to share with you to help you decorate your home.

Rustic interiors draw much of their inspiration from the simplicity and romanticism of the past, with a strong desire to recall some of the charm and uniqueness that dominated the interior spaces before technology took over.

The unique discoveries and the reused objects find their place in the rustic living space, natural materials such as raw, stripped or stained wood, stone and metal occupying a central place in the furnishings.

Many designers and homeowners will attest to the challenge of creating an interior space that reflects the innovation of bygone days without overloading the region or affecting the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants.

You have to stop overloading your home with too much furniture.

The colour combinations for these chic and rustic living room ideas are usually either white or grey, and it is usually embellished with soft greens and browns to harmonize the rustic look of the wooden centerpieces. 

These ideas may appeal to most women, but they are also designed to provide a sense of comfort to the men in the house.

For example, we have gathered 27 different models that prove that a model can be both rustic and elegant.

Illuminate the room with a rustic coffee table

Discover the simplicity and sensibilities of the living room: these are the keys to success that are represented here with a comfortable and clean beach feeling.

A reused wooden “filing cabinet” steals the spotlight as a unique and functional coffee table, while matching cushions and a collection of organic centrepieces preserve the atmosphere from the easy side of elegance.

Advice: If you don’t know where to start when designing your rustic living room, start with a completely white or neutral fabric (walls, shelves, floor coverings) and incorporate your fabrics, prints and furniture over time. 

You may be surprised to see where your discoveries and inspirations are leading you!

2. Elegant chandelier

If Marie-Antoinette moved to the modern city of New York, it would most probably be her style of living room decoration. 

Undoubtedly feminine, but with a fierce opulence, this rustic hybrid space is illuminated by a chandelier worthy of Versailles, with a soft carpet and a fake fur that embodies all the comfort that the elite could dream of. 

Here is a simple sofa well decorated.

Elegant spiral work shelves and a solid wood coffee table confirm the rustic aesthetic, while a silver pocket clock and garden touches add a refreshing personal touch. 

Don’t worry, they are fake plants and I prefer this kind of decoration to real plants. Wicker baskets are perfect accessories to decorate your interior.

The best of all white cream and smooth taupe tones opens and illuminates the space, offering the smallest interiors a chance to shine on their own.

3. Memories of driftwood by the sea

These free-form wooden “canvases” are a striking way to display your favourite impressions and portraits, while adding a pretty touch to the hallways.

Hanging alone or in several rows, these wood-frame supports are ideal for lighter walls, where the richness of the wood can really stand out and attract the eye. 

Driftwood, glass floats, shells and flea market treasures are the perfect companions, with carefully designed candles suggesting the special place of your personal gallery in the heart of your home.

It takes few elements to bring joy to your home.

4. Forest Elegance

As you browse through the ideas for home decor, remember that one of the most attractive qualities of a chic décor is the opportunity to experience many different patterns, textures and influences from the time. 

A studious brown leather sofa can add anchor strength to the delicate French prints and carefully selected centrepieces, while a simple woven carpet gives a feeling of liveliness and freshness. 

Don’t be afraid to mix your fabric designs, because the more eclectic your cushions and cushion range are, the better it will be to break this too neutral atmosphere! 

Tip: sturdy wooden trays make everything an ideal catch to expose your personal treasures and  are valuable table centres to create the character of the room.

5. Forest decor with a soft chic touch

Imagine a rustic French florist shop, thanks to the wooden tools in this salon, with a lot of pastoral greenery in between. A beautiful living room  that is both elegant and rustic.

A heavy wooden buffet style table displays and stores various household items while using a modern television and a wall-mounted speaker.

The stacked branches, logs and foliage allude to a walk in the forest, keeping the general tone of the organic and uncluttered room. 

Tip: As with all the home decoration ideas listed here, be careful to light candles around plants and floral arrangements; make sure you have an appropriate surface available beforehand to avoid any risk of fire.

6. The rusty paradise of a fluffy angel

A salon decoration program truly worthy of a snow queen, the winter whites and silver of this chic and rustic salon are anchored in comfortable fabrics and an unvarnished wooden table.  We have an ideal living room during these winter periods.

Many candles enhance the enchanted atmosphere, while a silver and cheerful wall clock adds a touch of friendliness. 

A fake fur plaid throw adds an attractive touch of Narnia and is perfect for snuggling up in the long snowy nights. I love it!!!!!!!

7. Chic and bright living room design

It is a rustic favourite in home decoration ideas, and for good reason. The irresistible play of blue and white nautical colours, combined with an abundance of wood inspired by ship boards, have been refined with sublime chandeliers and furniture adapted to the modern family.

It is a perfect living room idea for families with children and especially rectangular living rooms.

Books, antiques and objects of interest are attractively displayed to frame and neutralize more modern necessities such as televisions and reading lamps, while matching candles and vases preserve the atmosphere.

Candles work in many settings to enhance a space even in romantic evenings.

8. A white and silver salon

It is a perfect living room idea to decorate your terrace or a small living room.

The silvery and sparkling decoration of this salon in a rustic and chic style leaves room for interpretation. 

Greys, ivories, silver and moles abound in this beautiful common space, with stacked sofas and large floor cushions (slightly clam-shaped) offering many options for relaxing comfortably. 

A multi-tone wall lamp and high candles emit a soft white light ideal for such intimate and ethereal interiors. You can also try a large floor lamp.

Tip: Try to minimize wall hangings and floor space to improve elegance and add to the refined quality of the decor.

9.Decoration of a chic and rustic living room 

chic and comfortable

Discover this magnificent coffee table well arranged with good candles and a well diverted table plate.

The pale and immaculate decors meet their more primitive look with fake fur coverings, to name just a few of the charming contrasts of this rustic and chic salon. 

Mixing tones and textures is the hallmark of living room decoration, and the refined blend of refined furniture (glass coffee table and dome-shaped candle cap), thicker fur jets and pillows and delicate floral touches, well balanced rustic style.

10. A chic and rustic marble experience

Like a luxury mountain resort, this rustic and chic salon has sumptuous furniture set in a comfortable and unpretentious decor. 

A well thought out living room by arranging the sofas face to face with a beautiful composition of two coffee tables.

Creamy whites and deep blues offer a soothing setting conducive to relaxation. The side table is ideal in this large living room, the size has been broken thanks to this white carpet.

11. A small living room well highlighted

This living room is very neutral, but very modern with sober sofas and damaged with cushions in the warm tones of the armchairs.

A sober look of the traditional beach getaway in this salon decoration set with novelty brings a backward touch to comfort.

Soft armchairs, an ideal sofa to snuggle up on and a huge nubby floor carpet guarantee a comfortable reliability highlighted by carefully selected elements, such as the prismatic mirror and the lacquered wooden coffee table.

It is the ideal starting point for those who discover the world of rustic design. Simple and elegant furniture for a house of less than 120 m². The decoration is perfect for this type of living room.

12. Rustic place of dark cherry tree

The rich blue canapés in the colour of robin’s egg are the focal point of this chic and rustic forest living room.

We do not talk enough about the problems of high ceilings and it is a problem when they are poorly arranged. Many homes have high ceilings and homes can make the difference with good investments.

The high ceilings are complemented by complex modern chandelier lighting and a large fireplace mirror, while a faded and exotic Persian carpet underlines the polished brilliance of the wooden coffee table.

A reused chest is the ideal fireplace bench, while the dimming of candles and distinctive works of art keeps the atmosphere as sophisticated as it is inviting.

13. A succession of frames

The hanging of salon-style paintings became popular in the late 18th century, when proud owners wanted to display their collections of prints, portraits and various personal discoveries.

Since then, the trend has not faded and the rustic style of this charming idea of living room decoration is here.

One of the most attractive home decorating ideas for those who have little space, but still want to make a memorable impression.

This hanging image of living room pictures is a charming way to show your favorite photos, impressions and paintings and to give a rustic feel to even the most picturesque of rooms.

14. Italian chic hardwood flooring

There are many ways to subtly integrate rustic living room decoration ideas into your space.

This is the perfect example of keeping up with the sober side of the design trend. The seat and carpet tones remain warm and earthy, while a wooden table that has only been renovated is a remarkable element of conversation.

Stacked books and a corner basket covered with chimney wood ensure the comfort and quality of life of the space, while the potted flora and fauna suggest a penchant for the outdoors.

15. Elegant clock tower

The chic and rustic decoration gives a fairytale look with this picturesque assortment of depotted wood, elements of French provincial accent and the greenery of an enchanted forest. In the purest shabby chic style, each object is selected for its unique appeal, from lampshades decorated to antique wrought iron fence wall.

From stacked tea cups and saucers to stacked storybooks, this is a room designed for dreamy souls who prefer their own magical home to the chaotic outside world. TIP: An old window frame has been reused to highlight the crown.

16. Elegant rustic decoration

The familiarity of the farms has reigned among the salon decorating ideas and the aesthetic goes hand in hand with this very modern and rustic decorating idea.

Individual shelves display everything from balances to groceries, while wooden crates, tables and wall hangings provide the perfect complement to modern and comfortable sofa furniture. Perfect for busy families, this rustic and chic living room earns double points for its attractive quality of life but also durable.

17. Window frame

Coco Chanel said one day that “elegance was a refusal” and that the reduced simplicity of this space highlights one of the best examples of salon ideas for the rustic admirer who is secretly a minimalist.

The super simple and comfortable furniture is bathed in crystal chandelier lighting, while shuttered shutters complete a wall mirror that enhances the space. It is an attractive idea that is easy to reproduce.

A chic rustic décor par excellence for those who prefer a clean space, but infinitely attractive, this interior design is the perfect combination of the two spirits.

18. Another Tv design idea

A heavy wooden TV table, a sea glass vase and a soft, self-made wool blanket in less than 4 hours are just a few rustic living room ideas that you can lift and apply in your own space.

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