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5 tips to decorate your new home

Having a good basic knowledge of interior design is a considerable advantage when moving into a new home. You don’t need a degree to be able to decorate your home, but you still need to know the effects of colors, textures, as well as the space available to create a personalized look that will be uniquely yours.Regarding the layout, you also need to arrange the furniture in a judicious way, in order to preserve the space to move around and not clutter up the decor. To help you in this direction, here are 5 factors, the most important to know when decorating a new home.

A charm that lasts

For the main accessories, choose neutral shades instead of following current trends. Burnt orange and acid green may be very fashionable for a while, but taupe, black and cream as possible colors for sofas certainly maintain their charm, even if trends change. Keep the new warm colors for accent elements and other small decorative items that you can easily replace when fashion changes.

Light and reflection

For smaller rooms, lighter colors are suitable for walls; they can provide a broader visual appearance. Mirrors can be used to have the same effect, but it would still be better to use them partially. While in larger rooms you can afford a lot of accessories, it would be better to keep it simple in smaller rooms to air them out and create a more open atmosphere and a more spacious decor.

The focal point

By thinking about decoration in relation to the central focal point, you will get a more coherent and unified look. Whether it’s through a painting, a vase, a particular piece of furniture or a wall decoration, you can accentuate it even more if you choose the right colors, or if you put other relevant elements on the other side of the room.

The circulation and connection between the different rooms

By creating a continuous and harmonious connection between the different areas of the house, you can achieve a welcoming decor in your home. In some cases, the floor and carpets can serve as a passage from one place to another, while ensuring circulation and continuity of decor. In other cases, the careful use of colors can establish a passage through the entire house.

An interesting contrast

The use of bright colors to accompany the more neutral shades creates a visual contrast and accentuates the visual charm of the entire decor. Cushions, bouquets of flowers and other accessories can be used as complements. They can also create contrasts with the basic decor while creating an interesting visual aspect for you and your guests.

By taking into account the overall look of each new element, in the way you decorate, you will create a beautiful and consistent image that you will be proud to show for years to come.

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