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Hello everyone, today, I decided to write a post related  to the kitchen and especially on how to organize this space more in harmony with us and our new daily life.

Is your kitchen always messy and unorganized? You will discover 6 wonderful simple tips for an organized kitchen.

Of course, you can have this organized kitchen, which you have always dreamed of! You just need to take a little time to adapt to your kitchen and your needs. I have many cupboards with drawers and I got tired of having plastic packaging.


Take everything off

First, take out all your drawers and open all your kitchen cabinets. In order to make new arrangements in your kitchen: you need to take height to unify your new storage space.

The second thing to do is to remove EVERYTHING inside and set up a new functional and organizational storage space.

Indeed, doing this part is very important, because you have to see everything you have in your kitchen. You will also carry out a forecast check to verify the expiry dates of certain products, but also to check whether certain products are missing in this space.

Then, you sort all the kitchen elements according to the type and frequency of use.

If you want to keep your kitchen organized by staying organized. First of all, it is essential that you find a natural location for all your things and a system that really works for you.

Donate or throw away

It can be easy to be surprised at the amount of things you actually have in your drawers and kitchen cabinets! Maybe you do not need 4 identical pans or this old used frying pan that’s hiding in the back of your close?

We were previously on gas hobs and now induction hobs: so we removed the pots from our cupboards that do not work on this plate.

You can give away all the kitchen utensils that can still be used, and you should throw any kitchen utensils that are broken.

Create space on your counter

Many of us hope that the essential elements, such as some oils, cutting boards and spices, will be easily accessible on our countertops.

Make sure to free up space for this and why not add a handy but decorative feature and store them all in nice wicker baskets or appropriate trays for easy access.

You can easily expose glass spice jars without any problem as long as they are glass and clean in the room. No grease should be exposed within the food highlighted in the kitchen: it’s like a showcase. Show what you need and pretty.

I prefer to store some of the essentials of my kitchen on small trays next to the hob for ease and I like spicing my dishes (and we love Mexican dishes)

I like how all the spices, herbs and oil have a decorative look in my kitchen. Of equal importance; it’s convenient to have everything handy while I cook!

Sort by type

Group everything by type, kitchen utensils, baking sheets, spices and other condiments … The pots and pans can be grouped by type and preferably stacked on top of each other.

This way, you will save a lot of space. Be sure to store the cover nearby so that you don’t waste two minutes each time.

Store items that you do not use regularly.

All kitchen items and large kitchen appliances that you rarely use can be stored elsewhere. Store large items in the basement, attic, or other appropriate place.

This step will free up a lot of extra space, which will make it easier to keep your kitchen organized. For my part, I bought a fryer for Christmas to my mom, she decided to place it in the garage for several reasons: the place in the kitchen and the smell that it could clear in the living room when we make fried.

Refrigerator and freezer

It’s so easy to forget the food on the back of your fridge. Make sure to check back regularly and see what type of food you actually have in your refrigerator.

We always buy fish or meat and we do not look at what we bought last week. It’s really good to have a freezer, but you still have to empty it as you go.

Whenever you have foods or dairy products near their expiration date: check them every time.

Therefore, be sure to place all foods that will soon expire; somewhere you can easily see it when you open the refrigerator.

Now that you can see the food every time you open the refrigerator door, you also increase the risk that the food is actually used and thus a loss of food.

In the freezer you can divide into sections for meat, bread and vegetables. A good tip is to use separators and baskets to keep everything organized. Do not forget to label everything with the content and the date.

Looking for other inspirations for your kitchen

Many of us dream of a tidy, well organized and perfectly stocked pantry.

Are you looking for ideas to create a small pantry, perhaps despite limited space and limited budget?

Look at the easy transformations

Now, if you’re a bit like me, you might also like to buy all kinds of different spices and herbs: Mexican, Spanish and Portuguese dishes …

In the meantime, you do not know how to organize and store all those spices that you end up buying. So, discover this idea.

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