6 Ways to Reuse a Spring Crib

When the “Having Babies” chapter of your life comes to an end, it’s time to clean out the baby gear. Often, the crib is the first to go. But before you toss it into the donation pile, consider reusing some of its components. The crib box spring is actually a very versatile piece that can be used in many ways. Here are 6 of our favorite ideas.

Reuse a crib, use the crib spring frame!

It’s funny, when most people think of reusing a crib, they usually think of something to do with the wood it’s made of. In reality, there’s a lot more to this crib than just the wood, and there are so many creative things you can do by reusing the spring frame of the crib.

Clothes Dryer

Give the crib spring a quick coat of spray paint and hang it from the ceiling. You’ve just created a unique and functional clothes dryer for your laundry room.

Source: A Diamond in the Fabric

Storage and display in the garden

The crib spring is ideal for outdoor use because of its durable metal construction. We love this idea of using it to hang garden tools and potted plants.

Source: Tidbits

Light fixture

Combining a crib spring with a string of light bulbs is a great idea. Simply hang the crib spring from the ceiling with chain links and hooks, and weave the string lights through the crib spring.

The result is a unique industrial light fixture that will add rustic charm to your deck or patio.

Source: Stephanie White, Pinterest user

Note board

Hang the crib spring above your desk to use as a substitute for a bulletin board. Use clothespins to hang art, notes and inspirational photos.

Source: Be Crafty

Family Photo Display

Tired of framed display walls? The crib spring can also be used in the living room or family room as a family photo display. It creates a unique focal point and allows for some versatility in the arrangement.

Source: Lora B.

Craft supplies for kids

The springs in your crib also lend themselves perfectly to storing craft supplies. Use zip ties to hang baskets or buckets containing glue, paint, markers or anything else little creative minds might need.

Plus, when their masterpieces are finished, you can also display them on the crib spring.

Source: Erica Young

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