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8 tips for optimizing small spaces

I thought the best thing to do was to give you some general tips for decorating small houses,in order to make the most of the space without losing sight of the aesthetics.

Today, we are building smaller and smaller houses so it’s time to adapt our behavior to small spaces.

As light or high ceilings are not easy to change in a house, I present you 8 tips you can use to reflect the many decorating tips to visually enlarge the space.

Organize the space

The first thing to do is to think carefully about what is necessary for us and what is essential, and to see the different elements to organize. If from time to time we bring home work, we need a corner to study or if we often have guests then it will require larger items such as a dining table or an extra sofa .

It is better to draw a plan of the house, and to place the elements to the scale that we will incorporate, taking into account the spaces of passage.

Here is a perfect example of fluidity

Plano de Casa Ten to organize a small house

Less is more

A common mistake is to think that you have to use every square meter to place furniture everywhere. But for well-planned storage spaces, it’s not necessary to have about forty pieces of furniture … More you’ll have versatile furniture It’s better to have few, and the feeling of space is greater.

With only four pieces of furniture, you can create a living room with an open kitchen

Note: Storage using storage in the wall, so as not to take up space.

Living room with some furniture, taken from the AprilandMay studio blog

Choose light furniture

On the previous picture, we saw a dining table for six people sitting with their chairs, without feeling overwhelmed or taking up too much space.

The trick is the use of light furniture, thin legs, narrow boards, storage without doors… It is ultimately to opt for furniture that leaves a lot of air in the room and that contributes to the sensation of visual expansion.

For example, open wardrobes, with no doors, can occupy exactly the same as a standard wardrobe, but we don’t see it the same way…

Look at this example of a minimalist room, where a bed, a desk with a light chair and an open closet decorate the room, making it look like a larger space. Few furniture and lots of light in the room.

Clear furniture on this image of Boligliv.dk

The color, it matters

The nuances of light on the walls, like the range of whites or pastels, help the walls appear lighter and more visual for the decoration of small houses.

This does not mean that you can not put a bright color on a wall, but try to avoid very dramatic contrasts, because they give a heavier room atmosphere and therefore much smaller at the same time.

In addition, if the furniture we choose has hues similar to those of the wall, they “blend” in the environment.

Look at this example: despite the large sofa, the room is clear and very airy thanks to the same colors of the furniture.

White for Walls and Furniture, by MonMonMonShabby

Less walls, more space

Obviously, the walls take up space … If we connect the kitchen to the dining room, or if we separate them with glass panels, we can integrate them, which allows us to gain room amplitude.

The same is true for doors … Sometimes they are not as necessary as a separation element and you can do without it, but if they are, you can change them by opening sliding doors or by embedding them in the wall and adding an opening space to our rooms.

Take an example of this kitchen with a glass roof separating the kitchen area from the dining room. We have a broader vision while separating spaces.


Choose multifunctional furniture

When you don’t have a lot of space, it’s a good idea to sharpen the ingenuity of decorating small homes…

Besides the well-known options of sofa beds and folding furniture, we have on the market furniture designed to fit various functions. Coffee tables that become dining tables, shelves with removable boards…

Occupy the walls in height

If you have high ceilings, you have alternatives to enjoy many spaces in the room.

On the one hand, the feeling of larger space is remarkable, but it also allows you to play with the height to install furniture or shelves in height without reducing the space in the room.

In addition, the furniture that goes to the wall and does not reach the floor is less heavy than standing, so it is good to plan the decoration by thinking from top to bottom… For example, you can place shelves to store all your reading sources.

Storage at height, by House and Garden

Hidden storage

This kitchen with dining room is equipped with these wooden planks that divide the space with the living room. I’m not telling you where the hidden storage is, look at the following pictures !!

Kitchen with dining room by Mark Langen

Another view of the kitchen, with integrated dining table.

The tables on the counter hide storage spaces

A drawer for laptop and office equipment

What do you think? What is very good? If in the end, the best is to use the imagination!

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