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Decoration: 15 Instagram accounts that we love

[Instagram Inspiration] As a window on the world of decoration, Instagram has become an essential place to be inspired, to pick ideas and to keep a certain curiosity alive. With your fingertips, you can travel from a Parisian hotel room to a visit to an isolated refuge, from a country house to an unusual loft, from the apartment of the average person to a stylish interior. Through millions of photos, Instagram invites you to discover universes rich in personalities, to forge links and to eliminate borders. Discover 15 decorative accounts followed and loved by the Côté Maison team.

Focused on inspirations for the home, Instagram is a pretext to stroll around in neat interiors, to visit inaccessible places or to interfere with a designer. With or without a filter, each image presents a preview that is far from being randomly selected. A way to make us dream and give us hundreds of ideas for decorating the house. By closely monitoring certain accounts, we also discover a part of the personality of its author. Her favourite addresses or good shopping tips, advice for a DIY or tips for maintaining succulent products. In our news feed, we wanted to share 15 different accounts, each one loved for its own reasons. Take a look at our favorite decoration accounts on Instagram, to follow and love.

1. The influencer @thesocialitefamily.

Dedicated to the world of inspiring parents (but not only!), the Instagram account of “The Socialite Family” echoes the site of the same name, created by Constance Gennari a few years ago. We discover families in everyday life with a right mix of privacy, design portraits, addresses and a shop. A small world in its own right. 

2. The cozy spirit of @ju_blogdecoverdesign

In the south of France, interior designer Juliana De Giacomi immerses us in her soft and stylish atmosphere. With a subtle mix of styles, she has the eye of a pro and knows how to highlight every detail on Instagram to make us want to know a little more.  

3. Decorating just decorating with @sodeco_offs.  

Through her Instagram account, Anne-Sophie Baryga, a decoration coach in Lille, takes us to her worksites, to her redevelopment projects and also to her Scandinavian style house. With a good communicative mood, we follow with pleasure her peregrinations every day! 

4. A dose of sunshine with @aurelie_blueberryhome

From the city of Marseille, Aurélie invites us to her home or to her favourite addresses through decorative and lifestyle images. Editor-in-chief of Little magazine, she also gives pride of place to her Instagram feed in the children’s world, always keeping a certain style. 

5. The little decorative world of @atelierrueverte

A fan of decoration, secondhand trade, photography and travel, Valerie has the gift to seize a stylish room, a storefront in Amsterdam or a small well-prepared dish on the fly. Like a personal notebook, we follow Valérie with pleasure in her daily adventures in Amiens and elsewhere.

6. The trendy archis of @hejustudio

In a minimalist style, the young architects Hélène and Julien show their projects, step by step for a DIY and fragments of their lives as well. Their latest achievement? The renovation of a shop “Des Petits Hauts” in the heart of Paris! This brilliant duo has not finished making people talk about it….  

7. The world in boiling @encoursdecreationleblog.

Welcome to Christelle’s exciting and creative life! A fan of upcycling, DIY, plants, food and decoration, she is bursting with ideas and desires for the home. On Instagram, we love its lively images, its lively daily life.  

8. The Scandinavian decoration of @mittlillehjerte

From Norway, Janne Iversen offers us a cosy interior and a warm atmosphere, typical of the Scandinavian countries. Regardless of the language barrier, each image is a source of inspiration for the home. 

9. A touch of design according to @flodeau

With a singular eye, the interior designer Florence Deau takes us into a life on the west side. Passionate about architecture and with a pronounced taste for travel, she shares with us on Instagram a little of her everyday life, always with a certain delicacy. 

10. The backstage of @aureliehemar

We no longer present Aurélie Hemar, interior designer discovered in the relooking show “House for Sale”. In an elegant and contemporary style, Aurélie shares her nuggets and decorative treasures. A privilege that it would be a shame to deprive oneself of! 

11. The sparkling @melle_madeline

In a charming daily life, Miss Madeline takes us for a visit to her apartment, a children’s party in preparation or a glimpse of her pretty train-train. Without artifice, we appreciate the decoration in the air of the time of this artistic director and her joyful personality.  

12. A minimalist deco with @49kvadrat

According to Scandinavian codes, Tina Thomasson distills on Instagram the photos of her simple and decorative daily life. In neutral tones, grey and white with some notes of black and camel, it shows us a little of its interior in Sweden, decorated with great taste

13. The regressive world of @diswave

Sour colours and soft patterns, Mathilde Drts plunges us into the cosy world of childhood. With the desire to introduce us to beautiful brands, the decoration enthusiast also opened the doors of a shop in Rouen,The Feathered Zebra “Le Zèbre à plumes”.

 14. A dose of inspiration with @nannetteglorie

Between France and the Netherlands, Nannette Glorie posts her pretty deco addresses, her favorites and her inspirations of the moment. With a style a little bohemian, we love his little warm world, where he seems good live.

15. The decor under the eye of the Parisian @frenchyfancy

From the capital, Céline delivers a piece of her life as an interior decorator. With a zest of travel, food and design too, his photos reveal a colorful personality that we like to discover every day a little more …

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