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Designing your entrance: the 9 mistakes to avoid

Link between the outside world and the interior of the house, the entrance is a strategic piece. Small or large, it represents a transition, an airlock through which the occupants pass several times a day. Often neglected, the layout of the entrance is essential to facilitate the passage. Choosing the wrong  lighting, misorganizing storage or overloading space are common mistakes in the entrance area. All these negative points disrupt its use, generates disorder and cause daily irritation. Discover the 9 bad reflexes to avoid and the solutions adapted for a well thought out entrance.

First impression when passing through the door of an apartment or a house, the entrance reflects the atmosphere of the place. It is therefore intended to be warm and welcoming. But above all, the room must be well organized and adapted to the needs of each individual. When the entrance is in permanent disorder, the layout is to rethink. Once the right organization has been determined, it is time to decorate.. Colors, accessories and light are tracks to follow to give an identity to this very special piece. Thanks to Colombe Marciano, interior decorator, and Guillaume Terver, interior designer of the studio LeLAD, point out the mistakes to avoid for a pleasant entrance to live and find.

Error #1: Install the input in the wrong place  

In an apartment, the entrance can not be moved but in a house it is not necessarily in the right place. When it serves both the garden and the exit to the outside, it may be interesting to rethink the place of the entrance to avoid some confusion.

The solution: dissociate the entrance and the passage to the garden 

“The relationship with the outside is not the same if you want to go to work or enjoy the sun on your terrace,” says Guillaume Terver. these two cases are very different.” Even if this sometimes causes more important work, it is relevant to have a real entrance and another access for the garden or the outside.

Error # 2: Choosing unsuitable storage

In an entrance, space is often limited and storage is often necessary. A large closet or unsightly plastic bins are not very welcoming. Even if shoes, coats, bags, hats, scarves, etc., are elements that take up a lot of space, especially when there are several people at home!

The solution: choose a custom storage solution

When the surface area is limited, the storage units can be built in around the door. “To the left and right of the door, shelves are placed with a minimum width according to the largest size,” advises Colombe Marciano. And if you can’t create a custom piece of furniture, a bench along the wall with baskets underneath (one basket for each person) is very practical.” 

With adapted storage, the entrance seems more airy and the circulation optimal (a project carried out by Colombe Marciano).Colombe Marciano

Error #3: Incorrectly define the input layout

Like the rest of the rooms in the house, the entrance must be designed to meet the needs of those present, at the risk of not having optimal use over the days. Keys never find their place, mail accumulates, coats form a pile, etc.

The solution: start from scratch to make the most of your entrance 

“Before starting, it is imperative to reset the cursors,” advises Guillaume Terver. Thinking upstream, the layout allows fluidity in space. It is necessary to ask yourself about your needs in order to think about the project in a tailor-made way”. Is the entrance close to the living rooms? How many people are in it? What are the things  to be placed nearby? What are the reflexes when entering? 

The entrance needs to be designed according to the needs of the house (a realization of Studio LeLAD).Studio LeLAD

Error #4: Overload the entry

With a lot of things to store, the entrance is often synonymous with disorder, especially in winter. “We tend to put a coat rack in the entrance with a lot of jackets, raincoats, down jackets and others that form a big visual mass,” says Marciano Dove. If it is smart to choose a coat rack, it should not be an opportunity to let yourself go to a certain mess. 

The solution: sort through the coats regularly and choose alternative solutions 

As coats correspond to different needs according to the seasons, it is advisable to organize the wardrobe accordingly. Winter things give way to those of spring. “You can also lighten the space by adding hooks for scarves and bags,” says Marciano Colombe.

Error n°5: forget to give a function to the entrance.

With an urban problem, the lack of space is frequent. In older buildings, the entrance takes up an important place and is sometimes disproportionate to the rest of the volumes. This part in itself must be optimized to be truly useful.  

The solution: convert the entrance into an office, library, kitchen, etc…  

In some cities, the price of real estate per square metre requires a rethinking of housing development. “The entrance, like the corridor, needs to be occupied with a desk or a library, for example,” suggests Guillaume Terver. When the kitchen is a transitional space where you spend little time, it is also possible to install it in the entrance.” 

When the area is small, the entrance can be used to set up an office, a library and even a kitchen! (A project realized by Studio LeLAD)Studio LeLAD

Error #6: Install a luminaire without taking into account the lighting

By focusing only on aesthetics, the primary function of the suspension is forgotten. In an entrance, the most important thing is to be well lighted for several reasons. Easily find your keys, take a look at the mirror when you leave and have a pleasant welcome when you enter.

The solution: opt for spotlights for optimal light

Before thinking about the exterior appearance of the luminaire, it is essential to focus on its efficiency. “The ideal solution is to replace the suspension with spotlights integrated into a false ceiling,” proposes Colombe Marciano. They can be equipped with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity. A bold option if the false ceiling of the entrance extends into the living room, for example. The fact that they can be directed also makes it possible to target the lighting towards the storage spaces.”

With intelligent lighting including spotlights for directed light and auxiliary lights for atmosphere, the entrance is both practical and warm (a realization of Marciano’s Dove).

Error # 7: Press the character of the entry into a small space

When the entrance is visible from the living room, it gives off an disagreeable feeling, a disturbing feeling. In a building, being close to the front door is also often synonymous with noise. 

The solution: make the entrance disappear 

A fan of this concept, Guillaume Terver likes to hide this space. Once you cross the threshold, you no longer know if you are in an entrance or another room. Several ideas are possible depending on the configuration. “The doors can be erased by removing the lever handle (editor’s note: the structure including the handle) and opting for panels,” says the interior designer. Without a lock, the door disappears to enhance the space.” Other paths to follow by forming a block of colour between the wall and the door, for example, or by simply adding a thick linen curtain.

When the entrance is visible from the living rooms, it is best to erase it in order to blur an unpleasant feeling (a project signed by Studio LeLAD).

Error #8: Put a large mirror on entering the entrance

When entering a house or apartment, being face to face with your own reflection is not always very warm. When the door is closed, the mirror reflects the image of this empty space and causes an uneasy effect.  

The solution: install a mirror on the side

Depending on the style of the house (rather contemporary, flea market or bohemian), a large one-storey mirror can be found on one of the side walls. “It’s always convenient to take a last look before going out,” adds Marciano Dove.

Error #9: Choose a dark color in a bazaar entry

“The more we put a strong color, the more we need a neat and clean entrance,” admits Marciano Dove. With the choice of a bold wallpaper or a bold tint, the idea is rather to sublimate these. If the piece is a little messy, the feeling of disorder is reinforced.

The solution: think of storage first  

Even before deciding on the decoration, the entrance needs to be well organized. Everything finds its place in order to facilitate daily storage and prevent the bazaar from settling in. Once the optimal layout has been thought out, colour is considered. 

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