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DIY: How to make a tropical style wall frame with palm leaves

Today’s DIY is perfect for summer; especially if you are looking for a tropical decoration to decorate your walls. Easy to make, economical and beautifully coloured, this wall frame made of palm leaves is the ideal DIY. So, if you have an hour and the necessary elements (which you can easily find) make your tropical frame to live fully the ambience of a holiday at home.  Gather artificial plants (here palm leaves), art paper and a glue gun to get started! 

Here is what you will need to make your tropical style wall frame:

  • One or two artificial tropical leaves
  • Art paper (like scrapbook paper) in the colours you like
  • One or two frames
  • A pair of scissors
  • A thread cutter (optional)
  • A cutter (for paper)
  • Glue or adhesive tape
  • A glue gun
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

If your artificial sheet is not flat enough, it would be nice to have a margin for the depth of the frame. You could also remove the thick cardboard from the back of the frame if necessary to obtain depth. This DIY can be made with one sheet and one frame, two sheets and two frames or one sheet and two frames. In the case shared through this post, one artificial palm leaf was enough to occupy two frames of 11″*14″.

The steps of DIY realization:

Step 1: Cut out the art paper and the sheet to fit the frame(s)

Here, we have chosen scrapbooking paper with shades of blue as the background for each tropical leaf. You will need a pencil, ruler and cutter for this first step. For a fairly simple design like this, you won’t have to make several cuts.

For the artificial leaf, you could use a pair of scissors. However, if the artificial plant is composed of a thick yarn or if you had to cut a stem, a thread cutter would be more practical.

Try different combinations and arrangements of papers and sheets before making your final choice.

Step 2: Create a background for the artificial plant using paper and glue

As you can see in the image, two horizontal lines have been created for this DIY. The first aqua-coloured paper is particularly thick, while the turquoise-coloured paper is thinner. Here, a glue stick was used for the assembly. You can also glue the two papers on one large one instead of fixing them to the bottom of the frame as shown here.

Step 3: Use a glue gun to attach the artificial plant to the paper it uses as a base

A small amount of glue may be sufficient for this step because it is not a question of gluing the entire sheet but only the base.

Step 4: Frame the whole thing

All you have to do is frame it all! For a beautiful 3D effect, do not put the frame glass back on and let the plant shine.

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