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Factors affecting food choice : Quiz & answers

1. Which of the following factors could influence food choice? 

Cultural or religious practices


Food availability

All of the above

2. True or false? Energy requirements differ between different age groups. 



3. Which of the following nutrients are recommended to be supplemented during pregnancy? 

Vitamin A

Folate/Folic acid

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

4. True or false? People who are lactose intolerant are unable to consume any amounts of dairy.



5. Which of the following best describes a vegan? 

Someone who doesn’t eat meat

Someone who eats meat, but doesn’t eat dairy

Someone who loves vegetables

Someone who doesn’t eat meat or animal derived food

6. Which of the following is an example of a UK seasonal food? 




All of the above

7. Which two of the following could be described as ‘social concerns’ affecting food choice? 

Fair trading

Animal welfare

Best tasting foods

Foods in season

8. What does the word ‘organic’ mean? 

Fruit and vegetables

Food grown without use of inorganic fertilisers/pesticides

Food grown in a greenhouse

Genetically modified food

9. What does the Information Standard logo tell you about information? 

That the information has come from the Government

That all the information given is evidence based

That the information is about healthy food

That the information has come from supermarkets

10. True or false? Regardless of reasons for food choice, is it recommended everyone should follow the Eatwell Guide. 



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