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Food hygiene quizz

1. With regards to food hygiene, what are ‘the 4 C’s’?

Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling, Cross contamination

Chopping, Cooking, Chilling, Cooling

Cleaning, Cooling, Contact, Cross contamination

Clothing, Cleaning, Chilling, Cooling

2. Why is cleaning the kitchen important?

To keep food safe and prevent bacteria from spreading

To increase the number of bacteria in the kitchen

To make sure the food is well cooked

To ensure the food room is at a cool temperature

3. Which of the following would not be an aspect of personal hygiene?



Kitchen surface


4. At what temperature should hot food be served above?





5. What is the minimum core temperature which will ensure most bacteria is destroyed when cooking?





6. Which of the following is true about leftovers?

They should not be eaten as they give you food poisoning.

They should be cooled as quickly as possible and refrigerated.

They should be heated to a temperature of 55ºC.

They should be reheated multiple times.

7. True or false? Aluminium pans should be used to cook highly acidic food.



8. Between which temperatures is known as the bacterial ‘danger zone’?

0ºC – 100ºC

5ºC – 63ºC

20ºC – 100ºC

25ºC – 50ºC

9. True or false? In a refrigerator, cooked food should be stored above raw food.



10. Which of the following best describes ‘cross-contamination’?

The process by which bacteria are transferred from one area to another

The process by which bacteria are reduced through cooling

The process by which bacteria are increased by heating

The process by which bacteria is removed through cleaning

11. Which of the following reduces the risk of cross-contamination?

Wash meat before cooking it

Store raw meat alongside ready – to eat food

Use the same chopping board for raw meat and ready-to-eat food

Keep raw meat in sealed containers at the bottom of the fridge

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