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How to arrange and decorate open spaces

The open plan has become a must in all modern homes. The days of box-like rooms with a well-defined role and function are long gone. Contemporary houses have rooms that communicate freely with each other without visual obstacles. Decoration and interior design is not only a matter of themes, colors, furnishings or accessories. It is also everything that concerns the use of available space. Choosing an open plan does not mean that each section will not have its own identity. Living room, kitchen and dining room together determine a beautiful open space.

Here are a few tips and ideas that will help you design a room in an elegant way without having to resort to walls to divide it into different zones.

Where to start

First of all, you need to make a list of the functional spaces you will need. It’s not as difficult as that. You just need to be clear on how you are going to use the open-plan space. Perhaps you’d like a small kitchen with a large dining room and a fireplace that works for both the kitchen and living room? It all depends on your requirements and the space available.

Once you have decided this, the passages between the different sections will start to run automatically. These wall-less corridors and walkways are useful elements to arrange your open space. They create virtual borders that easily define each zone.

A transparent glass partition

The use of glass in contemporary homes is not a coincidence. Its transparency and shiny effect provide an interesting visual contrast in a room predominantly made of stone, concrete and wood. Glass partitions and sliding glass doors are the best elements for separating a large room into small sections without opaque visual obstacles.

Thanks to this technique, your interior will always have an open and airy look and at the same time the charm of the space is maintained. The flow of air and natural light always remains the same. Most of these glass partitions can be easily moved around, or completely removed if desired. If you don’t like large glass doors, there are also a number of interesting screens available for sale in the store.

Delineate the different sections with carpets

There is another way to separate an open space that is simpler but more effective: the use of not only carpets, but appropriate rugs. They can determine the sections and at the same time provide elegance and sophistication. There are several types of carpets according to style, size, colors, and patterns. There are even carpets corresponding to the different seasons and which provide an atmosphere in accordance with the current trends.

Pieces in a room

Another way to delineate zones is to install a slightly higher floor for a particular section. This method is often used in modern homes to separate zones and add special style and charm. The goal is to delineate the kitchen area from other areas, giving it a different look. Install one or two steps for better decor and convenience.

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