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How to make an opulent decoration

An opulent living room can be recognized by the presence of several sumptuous finishes and luxurious details, as well as special textures. And for some people, “less is more” is not part of the game. By definition, opulence is a sense of luxury, comfort and expensive features. To introduce an opulent decorating style, you need to include luxurious furniture in your home; walls with special coatings, golden elements, and other details. In short, you need to ensure that the entire décor shows that no detail has been spared and that considerable expense has been made.

Gilding and metal details are elements through which an expensive style of decoration can be conveyed. Choosing furniture, accessories or walls with a metallic finish can create an opulent decoration.

An opulent focal point

In this lounge we presented several elements that represent an opulent decoration. First of all, the piano, the first focal point, having an external appearance adorned with golden oscillations all around. Next, we can notice the open shelves on the walls, displaying elegant porcelain accessories and crystals. The golden candelabra in the middle sublimates the decoration.

An opulent and modern living room

Baroque and rococo styles are not necessarily essential to demonstrate the opulent sense of metal elements. This closet is a fine example of luxurious modern furniture; opulent in style. With other, less conspicuous elements, it still has a very rich décor.

A luxurious table decoration

The table top is an interesting element to demonstrate the opulence of a decoration. By presenting golden placemats, including special glassware, you will create a luxurious decor that will impress your guests. Different plates for each dish, special glasses for each drink such as water, wine and champagne, will impose a chic effect.

Porcelain and luxurious patterns

Even if you’re not entertaining for dinner, porcelain elements always imbue an opulent air into the decoration of a room. Complex patterned lamps, jars, vases and bowls, with metallic accents, of course, are details that can provide a sense of luxury. Here, all porcelain objects have a luxurious blue pattern. The same applies to the mirror on the console table.

An extravagant chandelier

The presence of an extravagant chandelier is also a must for an opulent interior. It will have several levels, provided with gold elements, many complex details and automatically becomes an opulent focal point for a room. The use of bright colors with floral accents is a good idea.

Opulence in a different way

If accompanied by other good decorative accessories, lighting fixtures don’t always have to be complex to reflect an opulent sense. For example, this dining room is in a contemporary style, but is still beautiful. Instead of a large chandelier, there is a series of luminaries with shiny gold metal bases and opaque glass cascades. Put together, the smallest elements form a luxurious focal point. The glossy table underneath, together with the mirror elements and the elegant sideboard, demonstrates that complex patterns are not indispensable for imbuing the luxurious sense.

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