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There is an increasing need to use cheap things and make them incredible. We live in a very materialistic environment and we must pay more attention to simple wooden pallets to arrange your interior.

That’s why today we want to offer you some great ideas today to ensure that the fruit boxes, pallets and tables you’ve dragged into a corner don’t hold dust. Instead, these elements become art objects in your home and you will spend weekends renovating your home with simple pallets.

These are useful furniture that the whole family will appreciate especially your husband (he will be happy to no longer buy expensive furniture ).

Some of these creations do not require a much experience, take care of yourself, empower yourself and maybe get some help to get the job done faster.

A relaxing pallet

A place for you alone where you can relax, listen to music and read a good book.

A pallet for your clothes

To avoid throwing clothes everywhere, buy a pallet, paint it with your favourite colours and stick it to the wall. Add a few hooks to put on your clothes after a tiring day at work or school. Isn’t it that simple? This idea also works with an old wooden ladder.

A fruit pallet

A great organic idea to separate your fruits from vegetables.

If you don’t know where to get them, go to a market where you buy your vegetables and ask them if they can sell you wooden crates.

If not, they can give you a good price to find them or buy them on the internet.

A beautiful and tidy garage

Look how beautiful they are when you use them to separate products that you don’t use daily at home. It’s a much greener and simpler idea than plastic containers. The different containers can be stacked on top of each other to form this composition.

A crate niche for your dog

I hope it comes included in this box, tenderness!

A shoe rack

An excellent way to store your shoes and avoid that you do not find pairs or that they are lost under the bed.

For the patio or bedroom

In your patio or even in your room, you can use them as shelves to place any type of item you use. If your room is white, we recommend painting them in pastel colours to create a happy and relaxing atmosphere.

For your exterior

perhaps the cheapest and most beautiful room in the world. They just added cushions for more comfort and that’s all!

Childish storage space

The little ones in the house will be fascinated by this idea.

A successful bedside table

Don’t buy a small table, save money and apply this idea yourself. The best part is that at the bottom of the page, you can place your cellphone or books that you read during the night.

My coffee table tips

Ideal for spending the afternoon in the garden on a sunny day. A sum of wooden crates to drink well.

Nice idea of separation

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