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Ideas to adopt the trend

Having recently looked at decorative and manicure design ideas, in this post we’re looking specifically at the square nail shape. Here’s how to get this shape right and ideas for wearing it this season.

How to achieve the square nail shape

To begin with, let’s see first of all how to succeed in the square nail shape. Because, as you can guess, following the trend of this shape is first of all successful manicure.In fact, speaking of square nail shape, we can distinguish in a few different categories. Here are more explanations on this subject.

The classic square nail shape

This is a classic square shaped manicure. It is probably one of the most popular nail shapes. It is a good choice as this shape poses less risk to the nails. It follows their natural shape and, as a result, it is comfortable and practical at the same time.To get these nails, we start by cutting them, and using a nail file, shape them directly through. Clean the edges in case of roughness.This option is ideal for: Long fingers with wide nail beds.

Squoval nail shape (both rectangular and oval)

The squoval nail shape is a variation of the square and oval shape. The squoval or soft and delicate square, is another popular choice in the world of nail shapes. Easy to wear because of its rounded edges, the square shape is also a very chic option.To get this type of nails, shape your nails into an oval as you normally would, then shape it through the tip to square it up a bit.This option is best suited for: All types of fingers.Ballerina nail shape with square tipsThis is a more subtle version of the stiletto nail shape. It follows the same shaping technique as the stiletto. Find a central point and work the nails along the sides at this point. After that, you’ll get a shape that doesn’t look like a ballerina slipper… This solution is a good choice if you want to go for something bold, but still keep your manicure comfortable. To make this nail shape last longer, it is recommended that you use acrylic or gel nails. This is a shape loved especially by Kylie Jenner.It is very suitable for : All types of fingers.

Square nail shape- how to adopt it this season with our ideas and inspirations in pictures

Now that we have explored the different options in terms of shape for square nails, let’s see some options to decorate them this season. As we mentioned before, the square nail shape is particularly popular. It is easy to wear and is loved by many girls and celebrities. In the series of images below, we explore solutions for wearing it during the spring-summer season.

Chic square nail shape and easy-to-wear manicure


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