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Factors affecting food choice : Making the right choice

Factors that guide food choice include taste preference, sensory attributes, cost, availability, convenience, cognitive restraint, and cultural familiarity. In addition, environmental cues and increased portion sizes play a role in the choice and amount of foods consumed. We give you a test about quiz of factors affecting food choice

  • Which of these factors affect food choice?
    • Time of day
    • Money
    • Both of the above
  • Which of the following is true:
    • Throughout life, we all need the same amount of energy and nutrients
    • As we get older we need more energy and nutrients
    • Throughout life, we all need different amounts of energy and nutrients
  • Which of the following is the definition of a vegetarian:
    • Does not eat any meat, fish, seafood or any other animal by-products, such as gelatine
    • Does not eat meat, fish, seafood or other animal by-products such as dairy, eggs or honey
    • Does not eat meat but does eat fish
  • Which of the following foods would a vegan not eat?
    • Soya drinks
    • Low fat cheese
    • Plain nuts
  • How would lactose intolerance affect an individual’s food choice?
    • They would need to increase their consumption of cow’s milk
    • They would need to avoid all dairy products
    • They would need to eat more fibre
  • What is coeliac disease?
    • A digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to gluten
    • A digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to calcium
    • A digestive condition where a person has an adverse reaction to cow’s milk
  • If a person was looking to lose weight, which part of the food label might they look at?
    • The name and address of the manufacturer
    • The allergens
    • The energy content (kJ or kcal)
  • If your budget for food was decreased, which of the following would you do?
    • Look for discarded food in public bins
    • Plan meals, look for special offers on long shelf life products, buy cheaper cuts of meat, include frozen or canned fruit and vegetables, use economy ranges
    • Just consume foods high in fat, sugar and salt as it isn’t possible to eat healthily on a budget

Answers – factors affecting food choice !

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