Planting the jackfruit tree

Where to plant it ?

In a good-sized pot or container to benefit from a good development of the tree and to be able to enjoy its fruits. The winter exposure should be very bright, the tree should be taken out as soon as the weather is fine. The jackfruit can withstand the direct transition between the bright winter and the full sun of late spring.

When to plant the jackfruit ?

From March to June, depending on the availability of plants. Never plant them in autumn, because in this period, in addition to losing its foliage completely, the slightest “cold snap” would be fatal.

How to plant it ?

Plant it in a pierced pot, drained with gravel on 3 cm thickness on which you spread a geotextile fabric.

Prepare a slightly acidic, light, rich and draining soil mixture. Use as a starting substrate (for a plant less than 3 years old) 1/3 of heather soil or humus, 1/3 of horticultural compost, 1/3 of perlite. Add 3 g of latex fertilizer per liter of soil.

When your jackfruit tree reaches 3 years old, repot it in a permanent container, in a mixture of 1/3 heather soil, compost or humus, 1/3 perlite and 1/3 free soil with added slow release fertilizer.

Planting a shrub or a tree in a pot

A mulch at the foot is welcome to keep freshness and humidity in summer, it also allows to keep a slight acidity in the soil and protects from the winter cold.

Still in the interest of productivity after 3 to 4 years, fertilize with a granulated fertilizer for fruit trees once a month or a liquid nutrition every week as soon as the first flowers appear. Before that number of years, use a green plant fertilizer every month from March to October.

Staking is not necessary except in the case of a windy outdoor exposure during the summer.

For a beautiful bloom and a good fruiting, this tree needs regular water contributions, especially if it spends the winter in the warmth. During this period, mist its foliage to prevent it from drying out too much, which can cause it to fall.

Growing plants in pots or mulching

Pruning jackfruit

A training pruning is necessary to obtain several low carpenters, its natural growth carries the branching on a trunk of strong diameter. To do this, follow its branching regularly for the first 3 years, during which time you can cut as you wish according to the desired growth habit.

After that, no pruning is necessary, the tree will develop according to the size of the pot.

Diseases, pests and parasites

Possible attacks, but mainly in the DOM and TOM, of the fungus Rhizopus artocarpi, of the jackfruit leaf miner Diaphania caesalis and of weevils. Fight preventively with aliette as a fungicide, and a systemic insecticide against insects.

Growing plants in pots or controlling leafminers


The first fruits are observed from the third or fourth year.

The fruits are harvested 3 to 6 months after flowering with a maximum production of 70 to 100 kg per tree and per year.

It is not a fruit to be preserved, it is consumed fresh.

Artocarpus heterophyllus can be multiplied by sowing or cutting, but cutting is impossible in France because of the rarity of this tree and therefore the lack of plant material.

When to sow ?

Sow in a warm place from March to August. Seeds of this tree are available on the Internet.

How to sow ?

  • Sow fresh seeds in cups filled with potting soil.
  • Sow 2 to 3 seeds of one to two centimeters in each cup, then after copious watering, place the seedlings in a warm, 20 °C in a bright place without sun.
  • The seeds according to their freshness rise in 4 to 8 weeks, but the rate of germination is low.
  • When the roots saturate the cup, repot in 5 L.
  • In the event of multiple emergence in certain cups, remove the weakest plant.
  • The passage in definitive pot takes place at the end of the following spring.

To make a seedling in inside

Ecological advice

Bees, birds and many pollinators are attracted to flowers, even if they are not really fragrant. Avoid the use of pesticides to preserve this fauna in the process of becoming rare, but also to optimize pollination.

Properties and uses

The smell of the fruit is musky with maturity. Its pulp is generally consumed raw and fresh when it is quite ripe. Its taste is a mixture between the pineapple and the mango. It can also be preserved in syrup, candied or dried. If the smell of the fruit is particular, its flavor is not unpleasant. The jackfruit is also eaten before it is fully ripe: it is peeled, finely cut and cooked like a vegetable.

The jackfruit gives a hard wood with a beautiful yellow color and fine grain. This wood is very much used in cabinet making, furniture making or marquetry because of its coloring, which only lasts if the wood is protected from ultraviolet rays.

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