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Principles of home preservation : quiz and answers

1. True or false? Food preservation is a process that has only recently been used.



2. Which of the following best describe the aim of food preservation?

To increase growth of micro-organisms

To increase breakdown of food by enzymes

To prevent food spoilage

To make food ‘go off’ quicker

3. Which of the following best describe autolysis?

Self-destruction, caused by enzymes present in the food

A type of spoilage caused by the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds

A form of chemical contamination which causes spoilage

A form of physical contamination

4. Which of the following is the cause of microbial spoilage?

The enzymes present in the food

The growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds

Chemical contamination

Physical contamination

5. Which of the following is a factor that promotes enzyme and microbial activity?



pH level

All of the above

6. Which of the following would tend to increase microbial activity?

Freezing food

Keeping food in an airtight container

Increasing the moisture level

Placing food in an acidic or alkaline solution

7. True or false? Moulds can still grow in cold temperatures.



8. Which of the following could be described as a disadvantage of freezing?

Ice can damage the cell structure of the food

It reduces microorganism growth

It kills microorganisms

It increases food spoilage

9. True or false? Freezing kills microorganisms.



10. How does adding sugar to jam reduce food spoilage?

It reduces water availability

It increases sweetness

It means the microbes can feed on the sugar

It freezes the jam

11. How does pickling decrease food spoilage?

It increases alkalinity

It increases acidity

It decreases water content

It increases water content

12. True or false? Chilling food can preserve a food indefinitely.



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