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Rare Australian caviar lemon

Lemon caviar is a type of tree

The fruit that belongs to the citrus family and is called by this name because it is characterized by a unique pulp that has no equal in other citrus fruits, as it is similar to caviar granules.

As for the taste of the fruit, it is sour, and reminds you of the taste of mandarin and its distinct aromatic aroma, and it can be consumed as a fresh fruit as it is, or benefit from its juice, as well as used in making jam, or pickled like the regular lemon known to us, even the leaves of the tree itself are very fragrant, and can be used In the kitchen as a flavor for various sauces and drinks. It is the most expensive type of lemon in the world, and the price per kilo is 1000 euros. It is called lemon fingers and its trees are called Citrus australasica.
Citrus cultivation in general and caviar lemon cultivation are currently very popular among home cultivation enthusiasts.

Caviar Lemon Cultivation Guidelines:

Caviar lemon trees should be planted in an area sufficient for the growth and expansion of their roots in the future, either by planting them directly in the ground or planting them in a pot. Also, planting in a pot represents more opportunity for the plant to be exposed to the sun sufficiently, as you can move it whenever you want to the sunny areas in your garden.
Exposure: full sun, i.e. at least six hours of exposure.

  • Soil: Needs well-drained and well-drained soil.
  • Watering: Every two weeks during the growing phase, add a citrus-specific fertilizer to enhance fruit tolerance.
  • Temperature: Resistant
  • Characteristics of the caviar lemon plant
  • Flowers: Caviar lemon bush has pale pink or white colored flowers.
  • Leaves: The caviar lemon plant has small opposite evergreen leaves, and there is a thorn inside each leaf.
  • Fruits: Caviar lemon fruits are long and curved, and they resemble fingers in their shape. It is mentioned that the size of the fruits varies according to the type.

The size of the fruits ranges from 3.8 to 14 cm, and the fruits come in red, yellow, green, purple or brown.

It is planted in the spring, and it has very sharp thorns, and the branches are pruned every year, and lemon caviar is harvested from November to March, so it is not affected by cold or frost.
This is a rare type of citrus

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