Separator wall in the house by Palette

Here is a decoration idea that you will love! A divider wall made of pallets ideal to delimit space in a large room or in a loft. Discover the steps to make it below.

You will need :

  • Pallets
  • Assembly plates and brackets (in the structural accessories section of your hardware store)
  • Drill and screws
  • Paint and brush (optional)


Assemble the pallets with according to the size of the wall you want to make.

Hold them in place with the assembly plates (and the assembly brackets for the corners). Reinforce the structure by screwing the connection brackets to the concrete wall and the floor.

You can personalize your wall with paint or graffiti.

This pallet wall has the advantage of being inexpensive. It has built-in shelves (but you can add more too). Plus, you can hang lots of pictures on it.

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