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The revolutionary ingredient N°3 in the vegetable garden: coffee grounds

You can do almost anything with it. Unclogging drains, cleaning, dyeing… Well, it’s even more impressive in the garden and vegetable garden. Coffee grounds are full of properties, and that’s saying a lot. Once again, as with banana peels, choose organic coffee. It would be a shame to make everything ORGANIC and put coffee grounds in your garden that are not!
You don’t drink coffee? Take the coffee grounds to your company, or ask for the grounds in cafés or restaurants. They don’t know what to do with it…


Uses of coffee grounds in the garden

Fight against pests

Coffee grounds have several properties that are not suitable for some animals. Firstly, it is the smell of the coffee that bothers aphids and certain flies such as the carrot fly and the leek fly. Secondly, it is the caffeine that bothers gastropods like slugs and snails. So do yourself a favor and place coffee grounds at the foot of your plants, they will be grateful!

Create seedling soil

Create your own seedling soil and mix it with coffee grounds. You’ll have a super enriched soil that’s perfect for seedlings!

Enrich your compost or vermicompost

Do you have a composter or a vermicomposter? Put coffee grounds in it, it’s great for them. Even better for the vermicompost. The caffeine stimulates the worms to break down what you give them even faster!

Create super fertilizer

Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. That’s it. Coffee grounds will make your fertilizer more than rich. The best way to use it is to mix it with powdered egg shells and place it at the foot of the plants you want to pamper!

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