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Where to find an outdoor carpet

Since I have a large balcony, I keep looking for ways to decorate it. And it’s true that I’m not a big fan of the ground outside. In addition to that, your flowerbed is very important in your decoration. Indeed, I wasn’t going to change it, so I thought about putting on an outdoor carpet. Clever, and much cheaper than changing the tiles!

Indeed, the outdoor carpet is a very clever decoration. If you want to give style, delimit a space, or add a little sparkle to your terrace or balcony, it is the ideal decoration object. In addition, there is one for all tastes.

An outdoor carpet with a natural look

Decorate your terrace with a natural style carpet. Their sober and natural colours will bring elegance and authenticity to your terrace. In fact, if you have a space that is already well colored, your carpet will soften your decoration. Or if you want to decorate your exterior with soft and relaxing tones, natural materials will perfectly match with this theme.

A cheap and graphic outdoor carpet to bring out the best in your outdoor furniture

Dress your lawn with carpets with graphic patterns to bring a little relief to the space. The black and white carpets are easily adaptable to different styles of decoration. For example, if you have a brightly coloured garden furniture, this black and white graphic carpet will perfectly match with your decoration. On the other hand, if you have rather sober and neutral furniture, the carpet will bring a trendy touch and bring out your furniture.

Cheap outdoor carpet graphic diamond black and white Maisons du Monde

Looking for a cheap outdoor carpet? I loved his models, one of which is less than 20€!

A jungle outdoor carpet for a Zen corner

To stay in harmony with nature, the urban jungle style will perfectly match with your garden. This style of carpet will bring out the best in your furniture and will also create a zen and serene atmosphere. All you need now is an incense stick and a small bouda. If you want to turn your terrace or balcony into a relaxation area, the jungle decoration is ideal, and in addition to that it is very trendy.

A little oriental for its exterior

Bring an exotic touch to your terrace with oriental style outdoor carpets. They will bring a touch for your exterior while perfectly matching with a natural environment. In order to arrange your exterior and make your terrace a warm and cosy space, the colours and patterns of this style of carpet will satisfy your expectations.

An ethnic touch on your terrace

If you are looking for an original piece for your exterior, you have found it I think. The patterns and colours of the ethnic carpets are very warm. With this atypical style you can only have an authentic and unique garden furniture. In addition, the patterns bring cheerfulness to the environment. Indeed, there are some colours and patterns on this kind of carpet. I think this decoration is ideal for the outdoors. Moreover, if you have rather sober furniture, and you need a little color, don’t look any further, you need these carpets.

Fringes on your cheap outdoor carpet

The fringe decoration always has its little effect, discreet but trendy. You can find them in different styles and colours. With a nice outdoor carpet you can define your living area. The fringes will sublimate your terrace, and will reveal your outdoor furniture.

Cleaning your outdoor carpet

Even if your cheap outdoor carpet has not ruined you, it is out of the question to replace it every four mornings. To do this, learn how to clean and maintain your outdoor carpet.

These carpets are designed for outdoor exposure, which is why they are perfectly resistant to UV and humidity. However, if you want to keep the original colour of your carpet, make sure to bring it in every night. Indeed, nights change the colour of your textile. However, in winter, it hibernates! Then find a place for it that is warm and dry.

Although they require less attention than indoor carpets, they still require regular care. Simply clean them once a month. First of all, vacuum it. Then you can wash it in a washing machine, or clean it with soapy water. In this case use dishwashing liquid mixed beforehand with a little warm water. For natural fibre carpets, no passage in the machine. Make sure to wash both sides of the carpet thoroughly, to rinse it, use a garden hose. And dry it immediately, to prevent the formation of mould. Try to spread it out or place it on an inclined surface, so that the water drains away more quickly. In general, take care to clean it on a sunny day. Just like the cleaning part, we make sure that both sides are dry before replacing your carpet, once again be careful with moulds.

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