Dortmund’s « Haus des Döners » is forced to adopt a quirky new name after a lawsuit with Netflix

The largest Döner franchise in Germany is undergoing a name change. A dispute with Netflix also affects the branch in Dortmund. The new name is surprising. Dortmund – In September 2023, the sign of « Haus des Döners » in Dortmund remains unchanged. Almost exactly a year ago (September 20), the kebab shop opened on Rheinische Straße and caused chaos with a 1-cent Döner. Afterward, the franchise got into a dispute with a streaming giant. RUHR24 reports on Döner, Netflix, and the end of a legal battle.

« Haus des Döners » in Dortmund takes inspiration from Netflix series – and gets sued Netflix and Döner: This combination usually sounds like a cozy evening in front of the TV. However, regarding the snack chain « Haus des Döners, » this combo led to a legal battle. Every Dortmund series enthusiast likely noticed what it’s about. The franchise very obviously uses the hit series « Money Heist » as inspiration for its name and logo.

The « Haus des Döners » was inspired by the successful Netflix series « Money Heist » for its name and logo. The streaming giant thus legally opposed it. © Marian von Hatzfeld/RUHR24 Franchise founder Yasin Yirmibes openly discussed the deliberate similarity in the Express. He named the Döner chain that because his wife liked the series. Nonetheless, the streaming platform legally opposed the trademark registration of « Haus des Döners. »

Now, both parties have reached an out-of-court settlement. The changes also seem like a joke for the Dortmund kebab shop at first.

Döner shop in Dortmund must change its name to « Das Haus des Döners »

As reported by Express, the Döner franchise changes its name after the dispute with Netflix. The change seems insignificant. The branch in Dortmund’s Unionviertel will now be called « Das Haus des Döners » instead of « Haus des Döners. » However, changing just one article naturally does not resolve a huge legal dispute (more news from Dortmund on RUHR24).

The second adjustment can already be seen at 1. FC Köln. Since this season, the chain has been selling Döner at the RheinEnergie Stadium. The logo in the arena appears in a new look that differs more from the Netflix series. The name is surrounded by flames, and a small Döner skewer separates the words. However, this is not yet visible in the Dortmund branch. However, one detail is already hidden.

« Das Haus des Döners » in Dortmund changes its logo and name – timing uncertain Upon inquiry by RUHR24, the employees of the Dortmund kebab shop could not provide information on when the name and logo on Rheinische Straße will be changed. However, upon closer inspection of the counter, it was already noticed that the wet wipes appear in the new logo.

Despite the logo change, the taste of the Döner remains unchanged. « Das Haus des Döners » stands out, according to its own statements, mainly due to its Berliner sauces (spicy, herbal, and garlic). In addition to Dortmund, there are now 54 branches of the Döner chain in Germany. A store has even opened in the Netherlands.

By the way, « Das Haus des Döners » has not yet made it into the eight RUHR24 Döner tips for NRW. Perhaps it will soon succeed with a first visit to Dortmund with a new logo.

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